What is a SpiritGroup?

A SpiritGroup is small group of people who meet weekly to connect with one another while exploring a spiritual topic or theme.

Founded in 2013 by Mendhi Audlin, the SpiritGroups program has been used by hundreds of New Thought communities around the world as a way of inspiring deeper connections and growing healthy, engaged ministries.


What makes a SpiritGroup a SpiritGroup?


Inspiring Infinite Connections

SpiritGroups are more than small group gatherings. It's more than a small group discussion guide and a facilitator training. 

SpiritGroups represent a cultural shift to mission-centered spiritual community.  They equip leaders, engage community members, and provide outreach and social opportunities that "inspire Infinite connections."

There are 5 Spiritual Disciplines that comprise the foundation for every SpiritGroup. These values are expressed through each of our groups:





The journey begins within. COMMUNION means "with unity or oneness." Every group gathering includes a time of prayer, meditation, journalling and/or self-reflection.





We believe that Spiritual Community is meant to foster healthy, joyful relationships. Our CONNECTION practice encourages the development of deep, lasting friendships and loads of FUN!





Beyond COMMUNION and COMPASSION, we practice a third Spiritual Discipline: COMPASSION. Your SpiritGroup becomes your spiritual family, providing spiritual and emotional support for you through good times and bad.





One of the most powerful components of every SpiritGroup is our commitment to COMMUNITY. We take what we are learning together, and work together to bring our teachings to life beyond the walls of our churches.




Most of all, our SpiritGroups provide structure and accountability for creating deep, lasting personal transformation. With every group, we CHALLENGE ourselves and each other to expand and grow as spiritual beings.

Get Connected!

Find a SpiritGroup near you and connect with like-minded friends who are passionate about spirituality and eager to get to know you!


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