SpiritGroups Licensing Agreement

This licensing agreement outlines what is included in the SpiritGroups Licensing Program and the requirements for organizational participation. Your participation in the SpiritGroups program represents an agreement to adhere to the following terms:

Copyrighted and trademarked materials

In order to protect the copyrighted and trademarked intellectual property associated with the SpiritGroups program, SpiritGroups and Mendhi Audlin have trademarked and copyrighted all authorized SpiritGroup materials.

SpiritGroups owns this intellectual property which includes logos, training materials, promotional resources and video-based content.

The trademark also protects member SpiritGroup campuses by preventing unaffiliated organizations and groups from using our trademark.

Only by consistent use can we retain the legal right to control the quality and nature of the use of these trademarks. Therefore, to remain in integrity with legal requirements, the “SpiritGroups” logo in all its forms must be represented and used as provided by SpiritGroups.

You will be provided with access to the SpiritGroups logo in several formats that you are authorized to use for the following purposes:

  • Promoting your SpiritGroups program through written materials including your Sunday bulletins and newsletters.
  • Promoting your SpiritGroups program through digital outlets including PowerPoint presentations and on your website.
  • Creating signage for your SpiritGroups connection areas and sign-up tables. 
  • Creating promotional materials, including t-shirts, nametags or other resources, for use by members of your ministry and available exclusively to members of your ministry.

Licensed organizations are NOT authorized to use the SpiritGroups logo without written permission for the purpose of creating and/or distributing:

  • Customized small group training resources.
  • Customized small group curriculum.

You may not create digital resources using the SpiritGroups name, including social media groups or pages, websites, or other searchable content that could create confusion among users.

When in doubt, please contact us at [email protected] to ensure compliance with logo usage.

Requirements for Participation

There are several requirements for participating in the SpiritGroups program. Each organization agrees to use the components of the SpiritGroups Program as outlined in the SpiritGroups Licensing Agreement as follows:

  • The organization must commit to incorporating the Five Spiritual Disciplines into every SpiritGroup series:
    COMMUNION. Groups must utilize a prayer, meditation practice and/or personal reflection practice  as part of each gathering. 
    CONNECTION. Groups take time at each session for connecting socially. This is typically done with food/beverages available. Groups also engage in an extra-curricular social activity of their choice with each series.
    COMPASSION. Groups stay connected beyond their weekly gatherings in order to address and provide support for the physical, spiritual or emotional needs of group members as they are able.
    COMMUNITY. Groups engage in a service project together with each series to apply teachings in their community. This can include church service projects, community service, or service to the New Thought Movement at large.
    CHALLENGE. Groups set intentions for their own growth at the beginning of each series and provide support and accountability to each other throughout each series as they take actions that align with these intentions.
  • The organization must designate a Program Leader to serve as a liaison to the SpiritGroups organization. Your Program Leader must be a credentialed Small Group Ministry Leader (SGML), or must be actively enrolled and engaged in the SGML Credentialing Program.  Anyone who leads a New Host Orientation Training session must complete the necessary requirements in SGML Course 101 prior to delivering corresponding training to your leaders.  
  • The organization must commit to using the SpiritGroups training materials for new host training. Customization is only permitted in designated areas. (For example, providing your own mission statement and contact information.) These materials may be purchased at amazon.com
  • The organization agrees not to share the SpiritGroups logo or other branded materials with anyone else for the purpose of creating their own materials.
  • For the protection of your ministry, love offerings or fees may not be collected by individual group leaders as part of their Spiritgroup gatherings. Participants are encouraged to financially support the program through their financial giving to the general fund of the ministry as a means of fulfilling the mission of the organization. This prevents the ministry from placing unprotected fiduciary responsibility (fund management responsibilities) on your hosts and leaders.
  • The intention for SpiritGroup campuses is for group members to meet face-to-face with others in their local community. While a group may choose to meet online (via Skype or other online technology), no SpiritGroup affiliated with your ministry may list itself as an “ONLINE GROUP.”
  • The organization must commit to using role identifiers that are consistent with the SpiritGroups brand.  This includes:

    SpiritGroup Host - A person who is leading a SpiritGroup series for the first time. 
    SpiritGroup Leader - A person who has successfully hosted a SpiritGroup and chosen to continue leading a SpiritGroup and to participate in ongoing Advanced Leadership Training.
    SpiritGroup Program Leader - A person who is a certified Small Group Ministry Leader or currently enrolled in the SGML Certification Program and responsible for training new SpiritGroup hosts, providing continued advanced leadership training for experienced SpiritGroup Leaders, and overseeing ongoing support and promotions of the SpiritGroups program.
    SpiritGroup Campus - A New Thought organization that is licensed and contributing with a monthly or annual licensing subscription. 

SpiritGroups Licensing Agreement 

This SpiritGroups Licensing Agreement (“Agreement”) is effective on the date of enrollment into the SpiritGroups Small Group Ministry program and remains active for as long as the organization is actively enrolled in our licensing program. The license is held and maintained by and between the registered organization and SpiritGroups (dba), under the umbrella of Vortex Street, Inc., a Texas corporation.  

By participating in the SpiritGroups Ministry Licensing Program, you are signifying that you have authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of your organization.

LAST UPDATED: June 22, 2021