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Getting Started: How to Bring SpiritGroups to Your Spiritual Community

The SpiritGroups small group ministry program exists to equip individuals and organizations to grow through spiritual development practices and inspired service to others. Our mission is to "inspire Infinite connections" by bringing people together to build community, provide mutual accountability, and encourage social action for the common good. Check out this video with SpiritGroups founder, Mendhi Audlin, so learn more about how it all works...


"The SpiritGroups Program is an integral part of a mission-centric ministry." - Mendhi Audlin, Founder

Small group infrastructure is essential to the health and growth of a mission-centric ministry. The LAUNCH program is designed to support New Thought ministries in strategically implementing small group programs as a means of fulfilling your mission. Connection is at the core of developing and growing a thriving ministry. LAUNCH! is a year-long program designed to train, support & equip New Thought churches with everything you need to fuel your mission using the SpiritGroups small group ministry model.

There are three vital components to a successful small group ministry program:

1. A clear structure for integrating your groups with your organization's mission.

2. Organizational infrastructure to support the growth of your small groups program.

3. A high-quality video-based curriculum to ensure consistency in content delivered and to make it easy for newcomers to grow into group leaders.

The LAUNCH! Program provides training and resources for building this structure.  It is a year-long all-inclusive training, licensing and support system that includes:

  • The SpiritGroups Train the Trainer Certification Program.
  • Our Engagement Strategy Mastermind Training
  • Video-Based Curriculum for your SpiritGroups
  • Website "Find a Group" Integration
  • Live "Leadership Huddles" for ongoing support
  • Weekly emails with training updates
  • License to use the SpiritGroups brand/logo
  • Support Resources/Templates for your Program
  • Online Community for Support and Idea-Sharing
  • Two Tickets to our Annual Small Group Leadership Summit

Register by January 8, 2019 for our Spring Launch Program

Our Spring LAUNCH! Program kicks off on January 8 to support you in launching your SpiritGroups program after Easter. Our next Launch training begins in...












Twelve monthly payments of $195 per month. Your first 30 days are guaranteed and you may cancel at any time.





Save when you pay for the entire year up front.  Check it out for 30 days, and if it doesn't resonate with your ministry, we will refund the full amount.



The SpiritGroups program was born out of a deep desire to advance the New Thought movement and blaze a trail for spiritual awakening.

As the Spiritual Leader of a New Thought community, I have often asked myself what my purpose was as a leader, and how our spiritual communities could best nurture the spiritual growth of our congregations.

It took many years to discover the answer to my question, ironically, perhaps, through a chance visit to a local mega-church.

This experience inspired years of study and the gradual awakening to a "new way" of ministry that is grounded in a powerful mission and designed to equip new leaders and engage your congregation.

I am excited to partner with you in the journey of shifting into this mission-centric model with small groups infrastructure.

Mendhi Audlin


Getting Started

The LAUNCH! program begins with a live, online Train the Trainer program for your minister, Program Leader, and other interested leaders in your community.  

Live training date options are:
August 1, 10 am - 3  pm MT &
August 2, 10 am - 1 pm MT


August 10, 5:30-8 pm MT &
August 11, 10 am -2:30 MT

Trainings are also recorded if you are unable to attend live for the Spring Launch cycle.

Program Resources

The LAUNCH! program includes all the resources you need to launch and grow your SpiritGroups program.  This includes:

- New leader video-based training materials. 
- Professionally designed training workbooks to support the training of new group leaders.
- Online database integration for group management and website integration.
- Two passes to our annual Small Group Leadership Summit at Unity Village, Missouri.
- And more!

Ongoing Support

There are many pieces to juggle in your first year of implementation.  

Your Program Leader will have the opportunity to receive support and ask questions via our private online community at any time.  

Monthly "Leadership Huddles" are also provided for your Minister and/or the Program Leader of your SpiritGroups program as a way to connect with a small group of ministry leaders to work through challenges and celebrate success.

"I did a training today for new hosts for our spring series. Mendhi, no matter how many times I watch your video I always come away super excited, just like you are. You are so thorough in anticipating what people need to know and transmitting it in a clear form, whether digitally or on paper."

Marsha Williams
Unity Center of Tacoma

"If you're interested in growing your ministry, SpiritGroups is something for you... Go for it!"

Dr. Gary Simmons
Unity Spiritual Center, Spokane, WA

"My positive experience with SpiritGroups has made me a raving fan and I'll keep doing them!"

Rev. Jane Hiatt
Unity Community of Central Oregon

SpiritGroups in Action

The SpiritGroups Program is a vital component of a mission-centric ministry. Through your program, we show you how to equip "co-workers" to bring your mission to life through small group support and other initiatives. Here is a peek of a few of our SpiritGroups in action!


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