2018 Small Group Leadership Summit @ Unity Village, MO

Join New Thought ministers, SpiritGroup Program Leaders, SpiritGroup Leaders, SpiritGroup participants, and other leading-edge connectors from within our Movement for a weekend of learning, collaboration, and growth!

Begins Friday, June 8 @ 6:30 pm. Concludes Sunday, June 10 @ 3 pm.  $249 Per Person. All are welcome!


BRING IT ON! Leading a Cultural Revolution with Small Groups

How do we create an engaged culture? What does it take to empower and equip new leaders to sing the anthem of your mission? How do we purposefully shift a disengaged culture and reawaken the spiritual heart of our community? Join us as we lead the change into a new paradigm for New Thought ministry. BRING IT ON!

Mendhi Audlin, SpiritGroups Founder

Mendhi serves as our "Master of Ceremonies" for the weekend.  Hear the latest trends in small group ministry and how it can help your ministry grow.

Dr. Gary Simmons, Special Program

Dr. Simmons joins us to share what's working in creating a thriving mission-centric ministry with a special program, "A New Funding Model for Evolving Out of Not Enough."

Jana Stanfield, Special Music

Award-winning singer-songwriter Jana Stanfield joins us throughout the weekend to inspire us with her gift of song!

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Members of our LAUNCH program receive TWO free passes to the Summit.

Members of our GROWTH community receive ONE free pass for your ministry.

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If you're a SpiritGroup leader, new host, Program Leader, or Minister of a SpiritGroups campus, make sure you mark your calendar for our biggest event of the year!

Our third annual SpiritGroup Leadership Summit provides an opportunity to learn best practices, strengthen your team, hear what's new for the year, and connect with other New Thought leaders who are using SpiritGroups as part of a mission-centric leadership strategy.

Leading from the Vision

Join us Friday evening at 6:30 pm to check in during our Welcome Reception. The main event begins at 7 pm with a welcome from SpiritGroups founder Mendhi Audlin and a special message about leading from your vision from Unity World Headquarters CEO, Jim Blake.  Rev. Erin McCabe, from the Unity Village Chapel also joins us to kick things off with leadership lessons learned. We'll spotlight best practices in ministries that have reached milestone engagement levels with their small groups programs.

Connecting with YOUR Sacred Purpose

Saturday morning begins at 9 am with inspiring music from Jana Stanfield and an opening prayer/meditation with Rev. Linda Martella Whitsett, Vice President of the Silent Unity prayer ministry. Linda leads us in a meditation to connect us with our own unique purpose as spiritual leaders.

Empowering a Culture of Leadership

We continue our morning session with leadership development activities and spotlight speakers sharing the wisdom of their experience in the field. Kevin Kubota, our 2017 Group Leader of the Year, Joan Kershaw, our 2017 Program Leader of the Year, and Rev. Jane Hiatt, minister of our 2017 Campus of the Year share lessons learned in a fun, interactive forum.

Special Program with Dr. Gary Simmons

Cultivating a Culture of Generosity: A New Funding Model for Evolving Out of Not Enough

Our Saturday afternoon session features an in-depth look at how to move from a minister-centric model to a healthy and prosperous mission-centric model using small groups as infrastructure.

Dr. Gary Simmons is co-spiritual director of Unity Spiritual Center Spokane and creator of the Mission-Centric Ministry Coach Program—a three-year cultural change process for transitioning from minister to mission-centric ministry practice.

This presentation will look at the funding challenges of our current minister-centric ministry practice and why it is unsustainable in our current social, economic, and political climate. 

SpiritGroups is integral to evolving into a mission-centric ministry practice because it helps drive organizational evolution. At the same time, we are left with the challenge of sustaining our organizations while our evolution unfolds. In our current ministry practice, we are compelled to get more in order to deal with our individual and organizational not enough.

Learn how to fund your ministry without teaching a tithing class or without asking for more money. You won’t believe what is possible by shifting the context of your funding model. 

Savoring the Magic of Unity Village

There will be a late afternoon break on Saturday to provide time for you to enjoy the sacred beauty of Unity Village. Meal plans are available throughout your weekend on campus so you can dine in and continue your connection time with each meal break.  Plus, enjoy a nature walk, explore the labyrinth, visit one of the many chapels on site, or take part in a special VIP tour of Unity Village!

Cultivating a Culture of Encouragement

Saturday evening is a time to go deeper into our awareness of what creates cultural transformation.  SpiritGroups founder Mendhi Audlin facilitates an interactive evening to take you deeper in your experience of the 5 Spiritual Disciplines that support a healthy small groups foundation. We will present our annual Leadership Awards to role models in the field, and learn from each of their experiences.

Creating a Culture of Constant Improvement

Sunday morning, we will split into role-specific mastermind groups led by an experienced panel of experts who will facilitate an open dialogue about how to maximize our impact as leaders and how to prepare for the next steps on your own personal spiritual journey. Following our Mastermind session, we will adjourn to the Unity Village Chapel to enjoy their Sunday service led by Rev. Erin McCabe.

Lifting Each Other in Gratitude

Sunday afternoon, we are excited to bring you a special opportunity to grow your skill set in the areas of speaking from the heart and influencing cultural change. We conclude with a special time of gratitude and officially adjourn at 3 pm.

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Of course, the more the merrier, so why not bring together your whole team for a road trip to beautiful Unity Village!?!

You'll hear from some of the trailblazers of small group ministry in our movement, as well as enjoy live music, mastermind sessions with other leaders, and time to connect, relax and enjoy the spiritual inspiration of Unity Village.

After you register, you'll be invited into our online pre-conference community where you can connect with others who will be attending. This is a great resource for those of you looking to share rides or rooms, or simply get to know each other a bit before we connect at Unity Village!

You will also find information online about reserving a room at the Unity Village Hotel and (if you choose) signing up for a weekend meal plan (you won't need to leave campus all weekend!)

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