Registration for our 2020-2021 Season is now OPEN!

In light of the challenges our ministries have faced this year, we believe it is more important than ever to keep your community connected and strong through the power of small groups. That's why we're doing something different this year...

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As you know... For many New Thought ministries, these have been challenging times.

The uncertainty, volatility, and restrictions that have impacted your "normal" Sunday experience are affecting our churches at every level.

The truth is... there are some ministries who simply won't make it through this time without a significant change in how we approach mission-centric ministry. There are others who are barely making ends meet that could be growing at this time if they only had the tools and the technology to inspire connection among their members in a new way.

That's why we are stepping out in faith this year to offer something that we believe could provide a lifeline to some ministries, while providing a much-needed growth strategy to others.

For the 2020-2021 SpiritGroups year, we have initiated an online giving approach that empowers our member ministries to choose the amount that they can contribute in support of this program based on your financial resources, your prosperity consciousness, and your awareness of the importance of small groups in your ministry - now more than ever.

Our prayer is that the generosity of your giving will make SpiritGroups accessible to ministries of all sizes and circumstances.

There has never been a more important time to connect your membership through a systematic, strategic approach to small group ministry.

We hope you will feel the call to collaborate with us and all of our member ministries to prepare our Movement for a fully engaged, connected and awakened future.

What do you get when you become a member ministry?

"Launch" Online Training Program

Step into the most powerful small group training program available to New Thought Ministries. Our "Launch" program has been used by hundreds of ministries to help enhance their small group programs.

Private Online Support Community

Access training videos and interact with other member ministry leaders through our private Leaders' Group.

Online Group Management Tools

Your groups can tap into our international "find a group" network, providing promotional support and group management tools to help you grow your program.

How it all works...

This is much more than a simple small group curriculum booklet with discussion questions for group leaders.

The SpiritGroups program provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development for mission-centric ministry.

Delivered over the course of 9-months, the Launch Training Program will prepare your ministry to integrate small group growth strategies through a 5-Phase approach:

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Choose the giving level that best reflects the current abilities and consciousness of your ministry to begin. Registration is open from July 1-July 31, 2020.

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Your journey begins the moment you commit to making an ongoing monthly contribution on behalf of your ministry. Your contribution automatically enrolls you in our Launch Training Program for 2020-2021 and begins a journey of spiritual growth and deep connection for your ministry.

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