Registration for our 2019-2020 Season is now closed.

We open registration for new ministries once each year.  If you'd like to be informed about our next registration window in July of 2020, please sign up for our waiting list today. Thanks!

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The SpiritGroups program was born out of a deep desire to advance the New Thought movement and blaze a trail for spiritual awakening.

As the Spiritual Leader of a New Thought community, I have often asked myself what my purpose was as a leader, and how our spiritual communities could best nurture the spiritual growth of our congregations.

It took many years to discover the answer to my question, ironically, perhaps, through a chance visit to a local mega-church.

This experience inspired years of study and the gradual awakening to a "new way" of ministry that is grounded in a powerful mission and designed to equip new leaders and engage your congregation.

I am excited to partner with you in the journey of shifting into this mission-centric model with small groups infrastructure.

Mendhi Audlin


Interested in bringing SpiritGroups to your ministry? Share our Frequently Asked Questions with your board so you will be ready when registration opens on July 25.

Q: When do we register for the SpiritGroups Launch Training?
A: Registration for the 2019-2020 year is now closed. The next opportunity to enroll will be in July 2020 for the 2020-2021 SpiritGroups year. You can join our Waiting List to be informed about the next time registration is open.

Q: How many people can attend the training sessions?
A: Your license covers everyone in your ministry. You can share the training with as many people as you'd like, as often as you'd like, as long as they are using the training to support the mission of your ministry.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The initial training is a $1250 investment plus a $250 annual licensing & support fee. You will also have the option of using our online group management platform for $2 per group per month.

Q: What does the annual licensing and support fee include?
A: There is a $250/year licensing and support fee required to use the SpiritGroups brand and training. This fee includes access to our weekly live Q&A session for ministers and program leaders, our weekly trainings for Group Leaders and Hosts, unlimited access for unlimited number of leaders to our video-based small group curriculum, ongoing access to training curriculum (so you can repeat as needed and/or train new people as they come on board). it also includes branding resources and a few other perks, too!

Q: Is the training live online? A video series? Is it ongoing or just once per season?  If live, are the sessions recorded for playback?

A: This is a self-paced video-based training program. We release videos for what you need when you need it.  Typically, you'll receive one video per week, although you'll receive a bit more than that in August and September as we train & prepare you for your fall launch.  Plan to set aside some time each week with your team to go through new information and apply it to your program.

Q: What kind of support is available?

A: We will be offering a weekly live Q&A opportunity each week through our Facebook group for ministers and program leaders of active SpiritGroup campuses.

We also will be providing supplemental leadership training for your group leaders and Program Leaders through Facebook Live.

General support inquiries can be sent to [email protected]. Mendhi is also available for private consulting for a special rate for all active SpiritGroup campuses.

Registration is now closed for the 2019-2020 Launch season.

The next opportunity to register will be in July 2020.




Plus $250 per year annual licensing & support subscription.

Includes Year-Long self-paced video-based training program.

Unlimited access to our video-based small group ministry library for all active group hosts and leaders.

Weekly live support for ministers & program leaders via our online community.

Weekly live support for hosts and group leaders via our online community.

Discounts on services and online group management tools.

And more!

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Spotlight Ministry: Unity of Arlington, Texas

Check out what's happening through SpiritGroups in Arlington, Texas!


"I did a training today for new hosts for our spring series. Mendhi, no matter how many times I watch your video I always come away super excited, just like you are. You are so thorough in anticipating what people need to know and transmitting it in a clear form, whether digitally or on paper."

Marsha Williams
Unity Center of Tacoma

"If you're interested in growing your ministry, SpiritGroups is something for you... Go for it!"

Dr. Gary Simmons
Unity Spiritual Center, Spokane, WA

"My positive experience with SpiritGroups has made me a raving fan and I'll keep doing them!"

Rev. Jane Hiatt
Unity Community of Central Oregon

SpiritGroups in Action

The SpiritGroups Program is a vital component of a mission-centric ministry. Through your program, we show you how to equip "co-workers" to bring your mission to life through small group support and other initiatives. Here is a peek of a few of our SpiritGroups in action!


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